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You've received your new LEABAGS bag and you're overjoyed: the subtle scent of leather, the soft surface, and the unique grain make it an absolute favorite piece. You're probably wondering how you can best care for and clean your bag. Here, we reveal the three golden rules for the best care of your leather bag!

1. Care Regularly and Correctly!

Leather is a natural product and, like your skin, requires regular care to stay beautiful and supple. Our products are made from real buffalo leather, which is slightly sanded, dyed, and oiled in various steps. This process creates the so-called "greased leather," also known as "vintage leather." To prevent it from drying out, it occasionally needs "nourishment" in the form of a suitable leather care product. This prevents the leather from becoming dry and porous. But never overdo it with the care - too much can harm the leather! Depending on the care product, an interval of about four to eight weeks is enough to maintain your favorite bag.

Cleaning Your Leather Bag
Has your leather bag picked up a few stains? Try to polish out minor signs of use while they're still dry. Use a soft, dry cloth and rub in a circular and gentle motion over the leather. This will distribute the oil contained in the leather and balance color differences. More significant marks can be treated with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid rubbing the leather too hard as this could damage the surface. After cleaning, you can let your bag dry at room temperature. Do not use a hairdryer and do not leave it in the sun or next to the heater - this unnecessarily dries out the leather!

Regular care of your leather bag pays off: The leather looks beautifully maintained and supple, and the lifespan of your bag is significantly extended!

2. Use the Right Leather Care!

Have you ever stood cluelessly in front of the shampoo aisle wondering which of the many conditioners and treatments is best and most suitable for you? You may feel the same way about leather care. There are many products, waxes, fats, and tinctures, and there are all sorts of home remedies. It's especially important with leather to use the right care. Unsuitable products can ruin the material – and thus your bag – visually forever!

The greased leather, more specifically "pull-up leather," from which our bags are made, has specific needs. For this type of leather to stay supple, the care product of your choice should contain nourishing ingredients that also provide impregnation.

The LEABAGS Leather Care
So you're not clueless in front of the plethora of leather care products, we've developed appropriate lotions for our bags. Our classic Avocado Lotion contains valuable extracts from avocado oil and comes with a handy applicator, making application particularly easy.
Our new Honey Balsam is just as easy to apply with a soft cloth. It contains honey extracts, which have a particularly nourishing effect on the leather.
Both lotions have a subtle, pleasant smell that additionally brings joy during application. The colorless formula is suitable for all leather colors. This way, you can easily clean, care for, and impregnate in one step, and your leather bag looks well-kept and supple!


3. Be Open to Change!

Wait, what? Yes, exactly, your bag will change. But don't worry: Over time, it only becomes more beautiful and unique. This has to do with the "patina," which you've probably read about in our product descriptions.

Patina Makes Your Bag "Truly Vintage"!

Over time, you'll notice that the appearance of your bag changes. This is a natural and intended process influenced by various circumstances. Mechanical factors such as friction and weather conditions (UV radiation, temperature, rain) have an effect. Leather is a natural product that reacts to its environment.
These exact characteristics are desired and testify to the high quality of the leather. Another great effect of patina formation: your unique lifestyle is reflected in the appearance of your bag and it becomes as unique as your fingerprint! The patina gives your leather bag its own character and enhances the vintage look.

A Companion for a Lifetime
Your LEABAGS bag is meant to be a companion for your entire life! By regularly and correctly caring for your bag, you're setting the most important condition for it to stay by your side for a long time and accompany you in everyday life.

If you still need our support, we are, of course, here for you even after the purchase, promise!


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